Air Sahara Frequent Flyer Miles

Air Sahara offered frequent flyer miles with the Power Of Cosmos frequent flyer program.

Passengers did enjoy the rewards! Below will describe the benefits and membership levels Air Sahara offered during their service as a great Indian Airline.

The Power Of Cosmos

A different world. A different lifestyle. A different experience altogether. Cosmos-Power Flier Programme makes a world of difference to your flying habits. Adding Power Miles to your bounty each time you fly with us. On accumulation you may redeem them for air tickets.

The Cosmos Advantage

On enrolment, each member is offered 1000 welcome Miles. The membership number will be unique and will be kept confidential. As a Cosmos-Power Flier you will be entitled to accumulate Power Miles in your account. Just show your permanent card, either Executive, Silver or Gold at check-in, and the staff shall add the equivalent miles to your account.

Power Miles Statement

A Travel Statement shall be sent to your emailID showing your mileage accrual for a period. This would give you the details of accumulated and redeemed power miles within that period. Power miles accumulated for air tickets. Please retain the charge slip and your travel document(s) till your power miles get credited in your travel statement.

Membership Levels

Frequent Flyer Miles

Air Sahara offers frequent flyer miles with the Power Of Cosmos frequent flyer program